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Dension IceLink installed in my E46

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On saturday I got to install my IceLink in my BMW..

The installation took about 45 minutes in total, and quite easy.

First of all I removed the wooden/alu/carbon trim on the passenger side, and the center piece around the head unit.

Then I unscrewed the two screws that hold the radio in place, and disconnected the head unit.

Then I took the IceLink cable mat and connected it to the cables in the car. These cables I hid by pushing them into the hole where the original cables came from.

Then I removed the sunglass holder, piece of cake. Just put both your hands into it, and push upwards towards the roof of the compartment and pull it out.

I had to drill a hole in the sunglass holder, in order to get the IceLink cable through. Then I hid the IceLink module between the head unit and the sunglass compartment. Behind the climate control actually.

Before I got started I had this walkthrough that claimed that I had to remove the center wents aswell, but I think my way was a better solution.

Everything fits like a hand in a glove, and my BMW Business head unit are showing ID3 tags and the inteface between the Ipod and the IceLink is just pure genious.

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