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Phonebook onTomTom

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You paid for this? I fecking HATE people charging for stuff like that. Feckers. Where's the Joy in that? mad.gif

From my post in this very Forum a couple of months ago:<font color="gray">

"Oh, also, if the address book on your phone is not compatible with the Tom Tom or you need to make changes to your Tom Tom's Mobile Phone Address book you can manually change the contacts.txt file on your Tom Tom.

Contacts are in the following form

"Contact Name","0800111222"

"Mollox Pizza","0800222333"

Where the first set of values in speech marks is the name displayed and the second the number dialled (without spaces).

Both sets of quoted bits need to be separated by a comma and no spaces and each entry goes on a new line 169144-ok.gif

I have no idea what the maximum number of contacts is but given as its stored in a csv .txt file I would guess its limitless." </font>

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