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Grease on petrol cap cover


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NOT the black twist one i am talking .....

is the pop up top before u see the petrol cap (sorry for this explaination, i dont have a clue what's that thing call!!)

never mind ....

but somehow this THING is make of plastic, or plastic like material, and because there is a join, so the factory put grease on it. And if this grease come outside, THEY WILL MAKE MARKS ON THE CAP COVER, AND WILL NEVER COME OFF!!!

....and that's what happen to my candy white lady...... mad.gifmad.gif

be careful!!

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i think that the grease that lubricates the 'petrol cap flap' has found it's way onto the petrol cap flap itself... eer hot soapy water or white spirit should sort that one out!!!

[/ QUOTE ]

sorry to all,

and this is what i was talking about, i have tried this method, but it didint work .....

and it has left a brown mark on top

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