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Did he really say that ?


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Can you believe the things people come out with sometimes ?:

F1 Racing magazine is not normally the first place you turn to for a bit of humour, but the December issue has a real gem courtesy of Ferrari technical director and Miss Piggy lookalike, Ross Brawn. Reacting to the news that the fizzy pop team from Milton Keynes had lured top egghead, Adrian Newey to join them, Brawn had this to say:

‘We’ve got to be careful that we don’t end up with the team who spend the most money being the team who win everything’

So, this would be the same Ross Brawn of Ferrari, who for the last decade have had a budget that would have been enough to buy a small African nation, a budget that far outstripped all of their rivals, a team whose driver salaries alone would probably have been enough to run Minardi, a team who own two private test tracks and the only team to refuse to sign up to limiting the amount of testing to reduce costs? Listening to Ross Brawn talking about money worries is like having Juan Pablo Montoya as the official spokesman for the Atkins diet…


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