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Whats 1+2 anyone?


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Phone conversation with the dealer about 2 mins ago:

Dealer: Hello Mr XYZ? (Me)

Me: Hello friendly dealer.

Dealer: About your car

Me: (highly suspicious now) Yeeessssss?

Dealer: We've just discovered that they've built you a 5 door instead of 3.....

Me: You are taking the f'ing piss?

Dealer: No Mr XYZ - i'm sorry, but i'm not.

Their initial offer was to let me off the price of their £500 f*ck up as compensation for the f*ck up in the first place. My response was to tell them to shove it, and to try sticking some 18" alloys on it instead of the 17's I ordered and then to come back to me.

What do you guys think I should have asked for / demanded?


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I would get real dung.gif with them and ask to speak to someone real high up in the dealership. MD etc.

They have fecked up big time.

You could just say get me the car I ordered now which they cannot do. You could just cancel the order and get your cash back but that does not really gain you anything.

As you say you can ask for different wheels, different sound system - all easy add ons.

Free servicing for x years ?

Best thing to do is to try and work out what will:

1, Make you happy

2, Will cost them least

3, Make the car worth more when you come to sell it on

4, Save you more money in the future (free servicing etc)

5, Piss them off least

They are looking for the cheapest option to get you to take this car and you (I assume still want a nice new car, even if it is not what you wanted).

Try to work out some of the above and then go and see the MD of the dealership.

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I suppose for me it would be how much I wanted a 3dr , for myself it was essential and couldn't of lived with another 5dr but as others have said 5dr is worth more and would be better come resale time as well.

My car arrived as a different spec to what I ordered and I wasn't happy. I threatened to hand the car back (in a lovely nice sweet honey way of course) and we soon agreed on a decent compromise.

You could always give it back though and get compensation/discount off a new GTi (at a push) but baring in mind the wait you have proabably just gone through you won't want to do that.

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We are all assuming you are unhappy with a 5dr and perhaps you are. My Beemer was a 2dr and I was convinced I wanted a 3dr GTI but my daughter (who's my main passenger) convinced me that a 5dr was much more practical and I must say that when it came to collect my 5dr I wasn't at all disappointed about the car's appearance and it really is much more practical for a number of reasons. But perhaps you still want a 3dr and either way you should be adequately compensated. The problem is getting what you term as adequate and what VW term as adequate to match.

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Thanks for the replies chaps,

Have just come from an EVO VII (5 door) so I fancied a change - hence the order for 3 door....

But now it's more about the principle of "wanting to make things right" than anything else for me - if after.....

1. Not offering any discount whatsoever against the car in the 1st place.

2. Offering me a hideously insulting trade in price on my cherished evo - which I politely declined.

3. And delivering a completely different car (shell) to the one I ordered.

....if after that they have no desire to compensate me in any way whatsoever then i'll go straight back to the evo dealer I came from and buy another one of those. It could be a bunch of flowers, or a free set of mats - or the 18" alloys that I requested - it's not about the money - it's the thought and principle that counts....

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If i was you, i would stand my ground and demand a loan of a car until they can supply you with what you want, otherwise in the future months/years you may regret taking the 5 door. After all why should you compromise on a £20,000 purchase. Good luck with your choice. 169144-ok.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Agree 100%. Easy to get blinkered here by the fact you can take a car that you have waited a long time for but it is now what you wanted. I know personally I would not be happy with the 5 door as I dont think it looks as good and I think the fact that you chose the 3 door indicates you feel the same. You may be happy with it initially because it means you have a GTI but once the honeymoon period rubs off you may have huge regrets. I would insist that they supply the car you ordered and pdq too, put the pressure on them and see what happens, dont just accept a 5 door and a set of bigger wheels or whatever they offer you as I am sure they could do a lot better. The stealer will probably try to push the 5 door as they will be lumbered with it otherwise, but that is not your problem. A letter to VWUK may well help too, imo they should be trying to get you your 3 door asap with some extra options on it or some kind of sweetener, not fobbing you off with second best. (Not saying 5 door is 2nd best but if you ordered a 3 door it is and vice versa).

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