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common A6 problems?


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Hi Lee78,

The fault on my lights seems to have gone !! Overall on my 2.8 i am happy, i find the overall economy to be very good, i would say it is better than my 1.8T Passat (Tip), Which i was very surprised by. I think the car (in Volcano Black) looks very good, especially with the Vanilla leather. I have seen others with different colour and leather or even cloth combinations and they do not seem to look as good, so choose your exterior/interior combination with care. I have not had it serviced yet but given i do not intend taking it to Audi i expect it to be ''reasonable'' ! One item i am really glad it has is the BOSE sound system, excellent, you will not want to go back to standard fare if you have it for more than a day. Good look in your search, i have to say it did take me a while to find one with the right colour and mileage and condition.

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