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Building Auction inc Mercedes ML


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Hi guys and gals,

Find below details of auction we having. Getting rid of lots of our building plant/products.

Auction- Construction Plant & Building Materials.

Sat 10th Dec @ 11.30am, Oakway, Lufton 2000, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8HS

1. Mercedes ML270Cdi, 2001/Y, Automatic, Factory fitted AMG bodystyling & 18” AMG alloys with new tyres. Quartz black with white leather (family pack), wood finish fascia. MOT May 2006. 125k

2. Manitou Telehandler Forklift- New Feb 2003. Model MHT 1033.

10 Meter telescopic boom, 3.3 tonne lift, hydraulic fork angle adjustor, hydraulic adjustable pallet forks. 1800 hours, ( New cost £32,000 nett)

3. Earth bucket for Manitou MHT 1033

4. Extension JIB for Manitou MHT 1033- For Lifting Roof Trusses.

5. Hitachi EX30 (Zaxis) 3 tonne. New Dec 2003. Rubber tracked excavator. Quick hitch. 640 hours. Very good condition. Cost £18,000 Net.

6. Ripper leg extension and various buckets for the above.

7. Hitachi EX30, 3 tonne. Rubber tracked excavator. 1994. 5600 hours. Piped for hydraulic breaker.

8. Various buckets for the above.

9. Caterpillar EB120B (12 tonne) tracked excavator. Hours. (1992) C/W Digging Bucket.

10. Grading bucket for the above.

11. Benford 4 tonne dumper. 4wd, electric start motor.

12. Ifor Williams Trailer. 12ft x 6ft. 3.5 tonne capacity, sides and ramps.

13. Ifor Williams Trailer. 6ft x 4ft. Single axle. Sides and tailboard.

14. Four 8yd drop end skips. Good condition. New 2003.

15. Large quantity of cuplock scaffolding. (2/3 yrs old) 1, 2 & 3m uprights. 0.9, 1.2, 1.8 & 2.4m horizontal bars. Mid point plank bearers, scaffold board extensions, scaffold feet, diagonal bracing & fittings.

16. Large quantity of full length scaffold boards (good condition)

17. Quantity of brick guards for scaffolding.

18. Scaffold Tubes and Various fittings.

19. Various ACRO props.

20. Two 20ft shipping storage containers.

21. Alloy scaffold tower.

22. 3 x Strong Boys

23. Briggs & Stratten 21” Petrol Lawn Mower. New 2005

24. Ryan 16” Turf Cutter. Petrol Engine.

25. EBAC Dehumidifier

26. Wacker Plate- Petrol, Amman.

27. Water pump.

28. 2 x New Septic Tanks.

29. 18 x Attic Roof Trusses (suitable for a garage or a small shed)

30. 8 Standard Roof Trusses

31. Roof ladder

32. Various aluminium ladders (doubles and triples)

33. Quantity of metal tressles.

34. Metal and Wooden Gates

35. New doors and windows

36. New laminate flooring.

37. Plastic mortar tubs

38. Hamstone Quoins

39. Oak beams and Lintols

40. Duroc Blocks

41. Reclaimed bricks

42. 40/50 Meters of flagstones

43. Large quantity of 80ml grey brick paviers.

44. 2 Gas powered heaters.

45. 1 New Gas Cooker.

46. Creda Concept Electric Cooker.

47. Softwood Staircase

48. 10 x 6m lengths Plastic 4” underground drainage pipe

49. Wheelbarrows

50. New Brick Profiles

51. Large Trampoline.

52. 18 Long Lengths 6” x 2” Sawn Timber

53. Large Numatic Hoover

54. Belle Petrol Cement Mixer

55. Quantity of Railway Sleepers

56. Whacker 110 volt breaker.

57. Large multi point 110v transformer.

58. Quantity of Red Natural Stone.

59. Alkathene Water Pipe (25ml & 32ml)

60. Underground drainage pipes and connection fittings.

Some other lots to follow. 169144-ok.gif

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Bazza, I think a 12 tonne slew is a pefect gift for Christmas. She would love it. Especially if it snows, you can charge the neighbours for clearing the drive. Therefore justifying its cost! You could drive the neighbours to work in the front of the dumper. Now thats serious Quattro.

As regards to the strong boys, entirely unglamourous 90 degree metal props.

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Stopping large new build. We are just finising up the old Madisons nightclub site. Had 16 new build town houses there. Used a lot of the bigger machinery on some barn coversion as well but most of it has gone now.

Doing more work in the city. Bristol at the mo. Just have the little 3/4 tonne excavator for that sort of work.

Glad you saw the advert, makes the outlay seem more worthwhile.

Simon, shame on me for not knowing about the JCB. We have never actually had one.

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Darkside, send me a PM with your company details/website link if you like. I'm a Building Surveyor in Bristol and looking for new Contractors for the books. At the moment its a choice of sh1t from sh1t.

Are you on Constructionline? What style of Contrator are you? 169144-ok.gif

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Its £1,800 new and prob get it for a third of that. You can buy some other stuff as well to take back up in the trailer to make it a worthwhile trip!

[/ QUOTE ]

Just had a look it's over 200 miles, if you want to sell it for £600 i'll come and get it but it's too far for an auction fekr.gif

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Dansky, if you have the barns... Half the battle is finding a decent site, but you may be one step ahead of the game if you are in the farming game (my dad used to be as well). I will warn you, they are a fairly big project unless you have an oven baked building, new build is actually a far lot easier. We have done a few farms and the external works and internal restoration have been soul wrenchingly time consuming!

Neo, we primarily work for our selves so not really contractors as such. We have our own team of subbies who are generally from the Weymouth region. Taunton for the Bristol jobs.

I was working for KingsOak in Almondsbury for a while before I jumped ship to my dads company, so know what you mean about lack of quality in the area. There were some proper idiots about.

At the mo we are working on the old Threshers on Alma Vale road in Clifton. Got the shop, decked out the maisonette above and added extra bedrooms to cram more willing students in, just got p.permission for the basement! It worked out well luckily, as wanted 4 flats but council were not loving it. The way it has turned out has returned far higher yields. The bloody basement is worth £175-185k. Madness.

Charlie, auctions are fun. Perhaps try and grab a game at Yeovil football club while you are down smile.gif

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Interestingly I'm about to do a conversion for myself in the Bristol area (just outside Weston-Super-Mud). We have the property lined up just sorting the plans and permission, need to find myself a contractor to build the extension and fit the whole place out.

Is that your sort of game? Its a small 4 bed place which currently is 3 rooms (was an old stone barn extended to be used as a catering business).

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Interesting fellas! Would love to get into the barn conversion game. Already spotted my future pad (all be it completely out of my league). IMO, you can't beat a barn conversion for a stylish home, so long as you can get the stink of pig sh*t out of the walls before you move in!

Most of my work is for Housing Associations in St. Pauls or Easton in Bristol, so I'm used to dealing with hanging properties. Again, would love to move it into Clifton, but it's blanketed with developers.

Dansky, With you being in North Somerset, you're most likely to be in a conservation area or an area of interest to the national trust - it's always the way :-( Usually, as long as you're not trying to blanket every barn you have with tiny bedsits, they're OK.

ChrisT, I know of a couple of reputable Contractors in the Taunton/W-S-Nightmare area. Give me a PM and I could put you onto them. Not sure if they deal with private clients though.

Without touting myself about too much, I can provide anyone with comprehensive plans & elevations of your places. Planning application fees are as little as £220 - sometimes worth it just as a speculative look when weight up agains the potential profits. A few councils even do a pre-planning application in which they can advise as to whether an application would be passed, and if not, why not.

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