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Soot Chucker Special Editions


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What happened to the RSD4?

[/ QUOTE ]

What happened to R2D2 as well?

To be honest, I can't see a market for an RSD4. The 3.0 Tdi is outstandingly nippy and torquey and I think anyone wanted an RS/S badge tends to be a petrolhead and would go for the 4.2 V8 petrol rather than an 'RS' 4.2 Tdi.

Where did you hear the rumour about the 170PS 2.0 Tdi UBM? It seems historically on the A4 the limited edition/special edition/engine upgrade models are aimed at the smaller petrol engined models, the 1.8T and now the 2.0T.

They should do an equivalent 2.0 Tdi to the 2.0T special edition with more power and spec as it would sell very well I reckon.

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2.0 TDI is getting Quattro 'early next year' according to a dealer I spoke with. Thats all I know, he didnt mention anything about a power upgrade.

Mercedes announced that they are launching re worked version of their diesel engines with more power, perhaps this is Audis answer...

What would the torque be on the 170?

I would probably look at that rather than a 2.0T.....!

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