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A4 Avant Towbar - options?


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I'm considering a towbar. Mainly to carry a cycle rack, but also for the odd trip to the tip with my dad's trailer. I would prefer it to be removable, so it doesn't spoil the look of the car.

I'm pretty sure it will require some cutting, but I don't know how much, or if it will be visible.

I've had a couple of quotes.

Company 1 (Alpha 1)

Removable - £309

Fixed - £197

I think this company uses 'Witter' towballs and I remember reading one of the cycle carriers might have problems with this type. But as I write this, I can't remember which.

Company 2

Removable - £375

Fixed - £260

But the towbars they use are reported not to be compatible with towbar mounted cycle carriers.

I like the look of the Thule EuroClassic Pro 902 and the Thule EuroWay 945, but http://www.roofbox.co.uk/ doesn't seem to rate them. But they do recommend the Atera DURO "XL" - 3 to 4 bike tilting carrier no. AR2501 and the Tradekar SILVERBIKE 13 pin 2 to 3 bike 'speedy fit' tilting carrier no. TR424

Does anyone have a (removable) towbar? Pictures?

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I have a witter removable bar with an electric plug that swings out of sight underneath the bumper on my 04 S Line. The company that ftted it were going to cut the bottom of the bumper until I told them that I would remove their bo11x with a rusty knife first. When the bar and plug are in service now, I have to bend the bumper to allow them to fit. When the bar is removed, the bumper is distorted for a few hours afterwards but will restitute itself after. I find this is ok as long as the bar isn't in use a great seal. It would look terrible if they had to cut the panel!!


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You have an avant, why don't you just add the Thule Aero bars and pro cycle carriers?

I have used them on our old A4 and love them, on and off in 5 mins when you need to use them/put them away.

I went to use them the other night though and the bars are not wide enough for the A6. Bugger! Well at least I can just get new bars.

Do you need to have the bikes mounted on the back for some reason?

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I do actually have aero bars and roof mounted cycle carriers, but I intend to buy a roof box. With the roof box attached, I'll need somewhere to put the bikes. So a towbar mounted carrier is the only remaining option.

When I'm on my own I can put my bike in the car. I did this successfully for the first time last weekend. In fact, I had two bikes in there on the way back from the Wyre Forest.

But our first child is due in January, so what with prams, bags, etc, the boot and roofbox will be taken, which leaves the towbar for my bike.

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Cheers. 169144-ok.gif

£287 off ebay? Hmmm...

Makes the £309 I've been quoted, which includes fitting, a little more palatable. coffee.gif

It looks like a mega-job. I wonder if all installations require so much trim to be removed. I might give Alpha another call.

By the way, a few of your pics aren't working.

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£309 sounds a very good deal. I'm a bit sad and like to do things myself confused.gif The Bosal one I got from ebay was really good quality. Witter are also meant to be very good though. I had to cut my bumper but you can't notice it unless you lie on the ground and look up at the underside of the bumper.

interior stripped

towbar v bumperbar

towbar in situ



no towbar

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Thanks for the pictures. I like the way it's pretty much invisible.

Is there much space between the bumper and towball, when it is attached. I'm concerned a cycle carrier might not fit, if the gap is too small.

I'm also concerned about how much work is involved. It's a new car, with rear parking sensors. It's a professional outfit, so they should know what they're doing. But it's still nerve-wrecking to think they'll have to take so many panels off on a one month old car. I know from experience, that panels are never the same after they've been removed. UHOH7.GIF

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I've never measured the gap between bumper and towbar, but I guess it's pretty average. I've never thought it as being overly close.

There is a lot of work to get the trim off. I was ultra careful and it all went back perfect, thankfully. Like you I would have reservations about someone else doing it. I mean for £309 they can't be intending on spending long fitting the towbar.

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