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uploading to NTLworld webspace


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I want to upload a couple of sailing video's to my ntlworld webspace that I don't use and then link to them. How can I upload them (and know what they are called without using the Terrapin software they suggest. Quite happy to use raw FTP, but what is the NTL server called etc....

can know this don't work: Command window...

FTP <enter>

open homepage.ntlworld.com <enter>

[NTL account name] <enter>

<password> <enter>

All I want do is put some sailing stuff on the web....

Ideas ?


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It'll all work fine......if you replace the site address with upload.ntlworld.com.

p.s. Why are you using command prompt?!?!

[/ QUOTE ]

OK, using Smart FTP (Thanks OMI - looks easy to use 169144-ok.gif )

Password should be the same as my account password I use for the main email addy I have for [email protected] ? or do I need to set up a FTP account too ?

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