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Lunchtime Oxford meet today!


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PaulB and I are meeting up for a mansize steak at lunchtime today near Oxford.

We'll be going to the Trout Inn at Wolvercote (3 miles from Oxford).

195 Godstow Road, Lower Wolvercote, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX2 8PN

If anyone wants to meet up with us we'll be there from about 12.30 but we're meeting at Pear Tree Services (Just off the A34) at 12.00 169144-ok.gif



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Postcode for the Holiday Inn on Peartree roundabout is



A traditional pub with tremendous character, The Trout Inn, Lower Wolvercote is steeped in history. The Trout Inn and the picturesque riverbanks on which it sits upon has provided inspiration to Lewis Carroll for the magical Alice in Wonderland, and was according to some, was the meeting place for Rosamund The Fair and King Henry II. The Trout Inn is also featured in Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse which is written and filmed within Oxford. The Trout Inn provides a good selection of wholesome food in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere./

[/ QUOTE ]



The pub does get busy, but they have a HUGE car park.

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Lovely steak meal, though i secretly thing Nick had ideas on the peacock strutting about.

Hopsta, that was indeed the place. 169144-ok.gif

Only got 3 more 4 day weeks before finishing for Christmas fekr.gif

And I still got half a day to book in there somewhere grin.gif

Good meeting you again Nick. beerchug.gif

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