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anybody commute in their porsche?


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Use my Boxster S every day, as I did with the previous one. Go for it!

Makes the work trip fun.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well my commute wille be around 8 miles each way, but I reckon that when my Porsche arrives the journey home might be extended a little.....

The reason that I chose the 911 rather than a used F360 was that the Porsche can genuinely be used everyday. I'd have needed a 2nd car if I'd have gone down the Ferrari route.

30 miles each way sounds ideal !!



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went for

black paint

black leather

sports seats

nav and sound upgrade

aluminium trim although think ill change this..

powerpack kit

sport S wheels (turbo ones) although in discussion about getting similar wheels to the Porsche track car as featured in the book.

xenon lights

white dials..

cant remember the rest..

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