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ECS 2 piece rotor problem


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oh darn'nit! ROLLEY~14.GIF

Does there website say anything?



ECS Tuning 2-Piece, Floating, Replica Rotor Kit-Slotted

1997 up to Vin #Y-005-000. Split is in model year 2000

Exclusive from ECS Tuning. Two-piece, floating rotor design that is made to replicate the Audi A8 front rotor. <font color="blue"> Size is 312x26 </font> . Rotor is slotted & zinc or cadmium plated. Fits all cars with either the Audi A8 big brake upgrade kit or ECS Stage II big brake kit

[/ QUOTE ]

What is the OE mm size and the offset of the centre?

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