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R32 thoughts


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Went for a test drive today in Guildford. Had seen 3 prior to this, 2 in DBP and 1 in black. IMO the black looked too bland and subdued but the DBP looked really good. The one I test drove was a 3 door DBP DSG. I parked my GTI next to it and thought the R32 looked so much better, anyone who has any reservations about the looks and especially the front should see it in the flesh before they make their minds up. The only thing I am not 100% sure about is the exhausts, they don't look bad, I just think they could look better but this was the only part I was slightly unsure about looks wise and everything else compensated for this more than enough to not put me off.

The interior of the demo had recaros with full leather. The seats were probably the best I have ever sat in, it was not hard to find a comfortable position/setup and they were really hugging. I would definitely reccomend these over the standard seats. The standard seats are the same as the GTI and are also really good but the recaros are so much better. The rest of the interior is very similar to the GTI with the exception of the aluminium effect which is ok ish.

The drive itself blew me away. I was out for approx 40 mins on A and B roads including the A3 between Guildford and M25 so equivalent to M/W. The car felt so much quicker than the GTI (I know in reality its very similar in terms of performance, just how it felt), the 4WD obviously made a huge difference, there was no wheelspin when putting foot down etc which is happening loads with the GTI at the moment in this weather. Although there is not loads of torque steer on the GTI it is still noticeable but on the R32 it didnt exist. The handling on sweeping bends, corners and roundabouts etc gave a lot more confidence, it felt more planted and there seemed to be a lot less body roll although the recaros could have contributed to this feeling. The sound of the 3.2 was awesome which just completed the whole package.

Overall my only reservation is the look of the rear tailpipes and this is not a major one at all. It may look slightly chavish but my view on it is that it is standard and people in the know will know it is not modded etc and I reckon someone like Milltek will bring out an option similar to the Mk iv anyway.

To conclude, I am placing an order for a 3 door, DBP, manual, recaros, leather once I find a dealer who has an early allocation.

People are saying that the performance of this car is very similar to the GTI i.e. 0 - 60 and top speed etc which I agree with but that is in ideal conditions and that is where the similarity ends. Anyone who thinks it is a similar car to the GTI is wrong in my opinion, the way it drives and handles is far superior to the GTI. For me to get a similarly specced R32 to my GTI is going to cost me an extra 2k on top of what I paid for the GTI which I do not think is an excessive amount for what you are getting.

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Hmmm....Very good review 169144-ok.gif Makes me think that the R32 might be top of the list when I eventually replace my beloved Mk5 GTI. I've been resisting an offered R32 test drive in case I like it too much! I better unlock the garden shed and let Captain Sensible out.

Btw, thanks for linking your post from the GTI forum....Much appreciated and I would have missed it otherwise. Have you linked it from the R32 forum too? - They would also appreciate it too I'm sure.

Rachel, with the supremely cool title of "Supreme Nerd Goddess" - Where are there pics of this Zender kit? Isn't their stuff usually a bit Chavvy?

169144-ok.gif Robin

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There is a piece on Autotech (in the US) doing a GTi upgrade package on VWVortex - would be in the last 2 weeks or so. The body kit for their hotted up GTi (still to be launched in the US I think) is from Zender.

I snaffled an image from that for TP27's thread on buying a new .:R32 in the '32 forum.

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Interesting. When i tested a GTI next to my A3 3.2, the GTI felt almost as quick, if not quicker. I reckon lots of it comes down to what your used to and what feels different. Having a turbo kick made the GTI feel more sporty than my A3, but by that point i was well used to driving the V.

I'm sure the R is a fantastic car- that V6 sounds amazing, but just watch that MPG, it does like to tease you. 169144-ok.gif

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Although not the best time of year to be collecting a new car, I took delivery this am of my latest. R32 in DSP, manual, 5 door, leather, RDS500 and winter pack. Not quite the spec I originally wanted but when the dealer tells me I can have the one rolling off the transporter as we spoke I could not resist snapping his hand off rather than wait an eternity for the spec I wanted.

Dealer (Brundles) were very good and the standard of prep was exceptional. This is the 3rd 3.2 I have owned, others were 3.2 TT and 3.2 quattro A3 both had DSG so its nice to be able to compare the two gearboxes. The DSG makes for easy driving as the box just does its own thing keeping revs down and getting into the highest gear as soon as it can. It is a pleasure to be able to use some revs for once and as I always self impose a 3000 limit it is difficult to stick to it as the motor is so free revving. The ride is not as firm as the A3 perhaps that was down to the S-Line suspension and the Michelins tend to be a bit noisier than the Pirellis on the A3.

The interior of the R32 is as pleasurable as the A3 and the deeper bolstered seats give it the upper hand, the steering wheel is an absolute joy, cut outs and thicker portions in all the right places. As for the exterior I do like the wheels and the exhaust pipes are behind me so I don't really care how they look but they sound brilliant.

On initial impressions I think the R32 is going to be better than the A3 and going back to a manual after 2 DSGs has reawoken my driving pleasures.

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Well I drove an R32 a few weeks ago. The leather seats were no better than the ones in my GTI.

Seriously. My last car was an Audi TT, I swapped for a GTI for one reason only, that of performance. Once I had driven a GTI, it was seriously hooked.

I had a chance to drive the R32 for an extended period quite recently and I would not like to be critical of anyone.

I could quite easly afford to buy an R32, but I would prefer a GTI for one simple reason. It is inexpensive fun.

My Top 3 cars that I have owned in the last 23 years (out of 36):

1. Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. It will never be bettered!

2. Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI (1.9 did not have the 'FUN' factor)

3. Mk 5 Golf GTI

4. Audi TT 225TTC

In between these cars, I have owned quite a number of 'new' that were called fast cars.

The Mk 5 GTI is not the fastest, the best equipped, the best put together, BUT, it is FUN to drive and own and in unmodified spec, will realise a comparativly small loss for owning a car that in 20 years time will be seen as an icon.

I could name you hundreds of cars that are more expensive to own, but should I one day win the lottery and have ultimate choice over the car I drive, my daily run about would be the car I own now. An unmodified GTI.

If you wish to buy an R32, good luck and well done.

I, in conclusion, prefer to drive my GTI and really enjoy it!

R32 better than an GTI, not enough to warrant the media enthusing still over the GTI.

For a short period I owned an original 'Rabbit Injection', then I bought a 205 GTI which was in comparison to the original GTI a Golf GTI in modern French clothing.

Having owned a Sapphire Cosworth from new, there can only be one type of car to own, thankfully the Golf GTI makes me realise the FUN I have been missing.

Faster does not mean better, usability and FUN are paramount.

The R32 is a NICE car, but so is the Audi 3.2 etc.......

The GTI is not nice! In my opinion, comparing what is available, pound for pound, it is unbeatable.

Anyway, my wife wants to replace her Meriva for a Vauxhall Meriva VXR. NO WAY, for a little bit more she can have the ultimate family runabout, a base Golf GTI!

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I could quite easly afford to buy an R32, but I would prefer a GTI for one simple reason. It is inexpensive fun.

[/ QUOTE ]

Why do GTI owners keep stating they can afford better but have the GTI. It is not about money, I am not buying an R32 because it costs more, I am buying one because in my opinion it is better for me. If you prefer the GTI thats fine, your choice, everybody is different.

There is no need to feel insecure with your choice of car and have to justify that you can afford whatever.

Everybody has different needs and likings at the end of the day.

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My thoughts on the the MK5 R32 is its just cosmetically uninspiring, and i dont think i will get past that.

I would sooner have a MK4 R32 and be pleased with my purchase, than look at the MK5 and think "WTF were they thinking"

I would choose a MK4 R32, or a MK5 GTI petrol or Diesel.

Infact, they are already in the pool of possibles for my next car.

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