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It looks worst than it is !


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In 2 months i have turned my XR3I cabby from a scraper into ,well a worse looking scraper, i have spent £250 on this car and it just looks worse. But wait until next summer it will be the dogs.

545440-18-09-05_1651.jpg Before


Next is the engine ! FIREdevil.gif

Got a leather interior to go in it and a full respay coming up. Watch this space


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A. Power hood now works

B. All brakes Clean/striped/renewed plus all new brake pipes and Suspension lowered 30mm all new brushes, wheel bearing, track rod ends etc etc

C. RS Turbo body kit fitted

D. O.E wheels sent of to be power coated plus tyres to be fitted and balanced

E. Front panel repair and primed for painting

F. Front bumper repaired and mesh grill fitted

G. RS turbo bonnet to be fitted

H. Lower doors/sills repaired and primed for painting

I. Hung the lawn mower up as the winter is here



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