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Netpilot and Exchange


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well, so near and yet so far... the Novell to Windows migrations sage continues.

We can send email but not receive, a quick google reveals we need to configure the Netpilot to talk to Exchange server, but I have no idea how frown.gif

The help says see "Appendix A" which isn't in the manual!!

Has anyone done this before who could fire some pointers over...

I suspect I might have a lot of free time if this doesn't work


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Bloody hell fella sounds like you could do with a Project Manager 169144-ok.gif

I am assuming your SMTP redirection goes to your OLD mail server?

What you could do is change the IP address of your OLD email server and either:

A) Change the IP Address of your Exchange server to that of the old

or B - and this is probably safer although you'll need to think about multi-homing...

B) Add a SECONDARY IP address that's the same as your OLD mail server was (I.e. before you changed it).

It would be simpler to modify the SMTP redirection on your firewall or whatever it is but I don't know the ones you mention so can't help. Shouldn't be that hard though if you find the management console or are able to telnet into it or the like.

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hehe... unfortunately at our place I have to do all this myself, no chance of getting a project manager!

Anyway, I tried A) it didn't work tongue.gif

So I opted for the second part of B) and have finally found a pdf of the manual on the web that mentions the specific config bit for the netpilot firewall jobby.

I would never have worked out the specific setup you have to do on Exchange server to get it to work, I was close, but missing a couple of key points.

Its been a nightmare, if the boss isn't happy after this I will fling the server out of a window laugh.gif

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