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A6 2000 and road angel/satnav - gps signal


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Hi. Is anyone able to assist/advise?

I have a new road angel (which worked fine in my previous car) but since obtaining a 2000 model A6 quattro sport it does not pick up a gps signal. Clearly, my car has a "thermal/heat reflective screen" so I have bought and external GPS antannae.....but where the hell do I mount it? I have tried all locations around the screen, to no avail. I am also buying a satnav....but will have the same problems with this also.

Can anyone advise where to mount the additional GPS antannae(s) so I can reliably pick up the GPS signal?

Of course, I could try and route through the bulkhead and position on/near the grill....or wiper blades etc....but what about water ingress or some scrote nicking them?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

For clarity, my car is an A6 TDI 2.5 Quattro Sport


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I have the same problem with my A8, but because the coated glass goes right the way around the car I can't just move the receiver to a different position inside the car.

I have mounted my external antenna (receiver) at the base of the windscreen on the driver's side and routed the cable between the A-pillar and the top of the wing. It just about fits through the panel gap and is virtually invisible once poked into place. I then ran the cable under the innner door seal below the base of the A-pillar and up the side of the fascia.My internal antenna (transmitter) is tucked into the trim where the driver's side A-pillar meets the fascia and is almost unnoticable.

The internal antenna location is ideal for me because my windscreen mount allows me to point the antenna on the back of my PDA (Medion MD95000) directly at the transmitter. You may need to move your transmitter antenna closer to the base of your windscreen to suit the location of your Road Angel.

If you would like pics to clarify then I'm happy to oblige... 169144-ok.gif

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