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Audi UK Experience


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I am sure this has been discussed before, but just wondering if anyone has done or is considering the Audi UK Experience run at Silverstone. Looking on their website its finished for this year and will be starting again from April 2006.

The description looks fun....

<font color="red"> During our one day Silverstone training you will get to know the most important theoretical and practical elements of safe, enjoyable driving. Our Silverstone Driving Experience gives you valuable knowledge on how to evaluate risks and recognise dangers and how to react in emergency situations.

Our experienced instructors will train you in many facets of car control and safe driving. The techniques will include such things as, cornering, understeer, ABS braking, high speed lane changes/avoidance techniques, car balance.

Finally lapping of the demanding Stowe Circuit will teach you the advantage of consistent balanced driving together with the effectiveness of something as simple as your driving position. All the activities are designed to replicate real world conditions and are conducted at open road speeds.

Attendance is restricted to 24 participants per day, driving the fabulous 450 PS RS 6 quattro, the S4 Saloon and the TT quattro Sport. Participants team up in pairs to share each of the 12 cars, giving ample time to drive and observe on each discipline.

The day commences at 09:00 hours with a small breakfast. A short briefing is given by the instructors to enable you to understand the driving physics. A 45 minute lunch break is taken and your day will finish at approximately 16:30 hours.

The UK Audi Driving Experience is sure to open your eyes to both your car and your own abilities and will help to prepare you for the unexpected.

After your day at Silverstone you are sure to want to develop your skills further, so participation in the UK Audi Driving Experience opens the door for you to attend other Audi Driving Experiences around the world, from the incredible Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit with its 170 plus corners to ice driving in Finland. </font>

<font color="black"> </font> Anyone got any thoughts or experiences to share? I like the concept of playing in the S4 and RS6, and batting a different TTQS around! grin.gif

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Anyone got any thoughts or experiences to share? I like the concept of playing in the S4 and RS6, and batting a different TTQS around! grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed the day immensely, and it was useful to be able to learn a bit about the vehicle dynamics in a safe environment; where else can you learn how to (and more importantly how not to!) spin an RS 6 Avant in the wet at 70 mph?

Highly recommended to Audi-enthusiasts. ECLIPSe.gif

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In case anyone is interested in a cheaper day this year then this may be of interest (see below). Many of you will know "Big Jon" and will have done his excellant DriveTrain performance driving day.

I'm going as are a few TT mates and a load of people in Porkers.

Drivetrain Multi Activity Track Event

13:00 Wednesday 28th December 2005

Based at one of the most comprehensive vehicle proving facilities near Warwick.

Using your own car the half-day session will consist of:

1. High speed circuit (a fast and furious 1.5m). To test both you and your vehicle to the limit.

2. Adverse handling circuit (a tight and twisty 1m). Designed to show control of under / over steer on the limit.

3. Low friction (skid-pan) area. Demonstrates the cars and your own response to complete loss of control.

4. ERT braking area. Demonstrates emergency reactions, ABS braking and stability systems.

All disciplines will be under professional instruction in a safe controlled environment. Instruction will either be one-to-one or one instructor to two drivers.

The time allowed for each activity will be 30mins, giving ample time to explore your cars abilities without causing excessive wear and tear on the car.

Refreshments and facilities will be provided.

You are more than welcome to bring a guest. They will have a good view of the skid-pan from the hospitality unit. If time and circumstances allow, guests may be given a couple of ‘hot’ laps round the High Speed circuit.

The cost for this event is £195:00 +Vat (£229:13). Places are limited and bookings will be in order of receipt of completed form and cheque.

A Vat invoice, the time of your session and all directions will be sent out by 20th December

If you wish to take part in this fun but educational event please print and return the form below together with your cheque (payable to Drivetrain) for £229:13 to:

Drivetrain, “Aotea”, Water Lane, Fewcott, Oxon, OX27 7NX.

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I assume it's Audis only?

[/ QUOTE ]

You get to drive their Audis, so avoid trashing your own car. But I am sure Golf drivers would be allowed to attend if you fancied blasting some S4s and TTQSs!! jump.gif

Have a look at the link.....plus there is apparently a programme about it on the Audi channel (which has been Sky plussed for me! grin.gif No Sky here.... SAUER0421.GIFROLLEY~14.GIF)

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