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Durex play- vib ring thingy

Calm Chris

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Available from all major Boots, cost about £6.00

She bought this, for a little giggle and after all, variety is the spice of life!

It's basically a tiny wee bullet vib that sits on an expanding rubber ring.

The general idea being that the guys wears it to allow some further stimulation of (one of)the more sensitive areas of a womans body.

It's a bit of fun, It lasts for 20 minutes (so it ran out well before we wanted crazy.gif) and can be switched off, it you need a rest or want to use it for round 2, 3 etc..

Overall it did little for me and although my partner did enjoy it, there's plenty of ways of getting the parts it reached, as or more stimulated tongue.gif

It was a giggle and as long as you don't go thinking that it would unfreeze an iceberg, then you will gain something from it.

See no reason to buy another one, but was worth a try and for the less experienced, it may be considered a toy that helps things along the way to a better quality of fun.

It is more of a grind that bump thing 123576-assfeck.gif.

Not sure if the mods will be over happy with this review sekret.gif, so I've avoided medical language.

Since the product sells everywhere, I wouldn't have thought that this post would upset blush.gif.

If it has I apologise 169144-ok.gif

durex vibe ring thingy

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I cannot believe what I'm reading. I thought it unusual enough that Boots were selling them, but now TSN is reviewing them? EEK2.GIF

Here's my Q - why whould anyone want to append (what in essence, is some recycled Taiwanese hand-fan made from the cast offs of those terribly beige 1970s Kenwood Foodchefs) on to their Jolly Roger for a bit of hanky panky? I'd die laughing. And then the shame would kick in.

At least go to Myla for a bit of class if that's what you're after wink.gif

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I'm married, great thing being that we do have a healthy attitude to fun.

So, all this "it's no good for those married TSNers" stuff is very wide of the mark. It's a laugh, there's no shame, it added to our fun and it could make a very nice little stocking filler for Xmas day!

Having been together for 23 years, the spice factor (not those silly crap singers) is a healthy way forward.


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