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"load detection value"


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help again guys...this is the continuing saga of my daughters "X" reg V6 4Motion...all because the engine management light keeps coming on and off... although the car drives great so far this is what has been done to try and cure problem.....

1...replace Lambda probe

2...change air con fans

3...replace coil packs

now as you can imagine this has not come cheap...coil packs where changed on Friday...light back on 24 hours later..car at Stealers today and they diagnosed this "Load detection Value" which is below lower limit..so I asked what does this mean...their answer was....ready...THEY DON,T BLOODY KNOW...now this is a VW dealership and this was the Foreman Mech...so guys any ideas what this Load detection value refers to..sorry if in wrong forum but getting desperate here..thanks for your help

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I had a Y plate 4Mo, with very similar problems - albeit under warranty.

Things they replaced:

Coil Packs

Lambda Probes (twice)

MAF sensor unit (3 times)

Still got the emissions/ECU warning light so they replaced the highly technical item of ....... an HT Lead.

So you could try either replacing MAF or HT Leads - try the leads first as I believe the MAF unit was around 180 quid.

Good luck - hope you get things sorted.

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Hello Langers

How did you get on with the problems of misfire/hesitation in the R32?

*Spark plugs could have worked themselves loose if not tightened correctly

*Coolant temp sensor should be changed for the improved green one

*Have you looked at the knock sensor?

The most significant improvement I can think of is a software opgrade if your hesitation does not show up on VAG-COM.

For the manual R32 in Europe we have version 6463, where my MkIV DSG is on version 7831. It has recently been updated from 7000 and totally eliminated a very rare hesitation(800-4000rpm) that you seem to have.

Good luck 169144-ok.gif

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