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The X5 4.4 is basically a big car. Handles like a big car, goes like a big car, is a big car. the engine is very low in the engine bay to improve road handling, but that obviously impares off road capability.

Take it off road, or in the snow and ice and the road tyres you get will really struggle.

The Touareg is a nice road car with air suspension, handles well, feels quicker than the X5, but you still know you are driving a truck. Take the Touareg off road, on Ice or snow and you will have no problems.

Last winter I had to give my Neighbour a lift to the station in nearly two feet of snow after his 4.4 wouldnt get through, that kind of summed it up for me.

The Touareg also has a nicer interior, and comes better equiped.

Its also considerably cheaper!!! VW comes nicely equiped for about £44k whereas to get the same spec you will be spending £52k on the BMW.

Running costs are going to be about the same so far as MPG is concerned. Servicing is going to cost you with the VW as BMW is inclded in the price.

I had access to both a 3.0 and a 4.4 through work, and have also driven the Cayenne S and X5 4.8is also which is a rocket, but more than a little scarry.

I have my own V6 Toureg now which is brilliant (if a little underpowered), but as an Audi fan I am looking to replace it with the Q7 which could be the perfect balance of the Touaregs good bits and Audi interior which I think is the best about at the mo.

Where I live we have snow for about 5 months of the year and AWD is a necessity. The Touareg will go in April next year, and be replaced by either a V8 Touareg or the new Q7.

Go drive one. Value for money the Touareg wins hands down.....

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