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Phaeton Lounge


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Volkswagen showed a 6.8 metre luxury four-wheel-drive concept vehicle named the Phaeton Lounge at the luxury-conscious Dubai Motor Show last week. Based on a Phaeton and stretched an additional 1.8 metres, the 420 bhp, 600 Nm W12 was built up from three Phaeton bodies and strengthened accordingly. The luxury cabin has just four seats, each fully electronically adjustable including individual climate control and adjustable footrests. There’s a wine cooler between each set of seats, plus an extensive mini-bar, a Humidor cigar cabinet, two 17 monitors for the entertainment system, an iPod dock, and passengers can surf the internet while driving thanks to a computer and broadband access built into the trunk of the car. Each seat has a fold out wooden table for other activities.





What do you think?

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Rather like the building of the Bugatti 1001hp monster at a cost of about £3 million each, and an MSRP of about £800,000.

They do it because they think it shows engineering prowess.

If I were a shareholder of VW I would be less than chuffed with this..... oh and I would also be less than chuffed with the company buying 300 of the last Phaetons for itself to use as executive limo's.

They should be concentrating on improving their customer service instead, then more people might actually switch to the brand.....

Phaeton has been cancelled in the US. The 7 series is just too strong in that market. The A8 is still about and getting better, but still has a bit of a way to go before it matches either the 750 or 760 (i or Li version)that is available over here.

Brand snobbery also meant that no one wanted to pay that much for a VW badge either, and major issue for both Audi and VW in the US.

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