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Road Angel install


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Arrived this morning (£200 from eBay) and installed easily. Only semi-permanent at the moment - have hidden the wiring, but am still using the cigar lighter socket for power. Hence current position at side of screen (not enough cable to reach to center and still stay hidden). Might move to the center as supposedly the laser detector works better there.

Screen is a touch brighter than I would have liked (I run my dashboard lighting near the minimum setting), but overall it looks pretty cool, I think:


First run was promising, it picked up the normal fixed sites around me, and even a blackspot. But it missed a regular mobile site (not occupied today) and a new (i.e. only a couple of days old) fixed site on the A419 roadwords near Swindon. I added these to my own unit and these should have been submitted to the central database when I synchronised this evening.

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Dont rely on the angel, Once it warns of lasers you've been hit and done if over the limit, It does not therefore need to be in the centre of your dash. Get a laser diffuser that fits just under or above the numberplate, that will give you a timed warning and stop them getting a reading for some seconds (which allows you to slow down). best regards AJ 169144-ok.gif

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