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OK! I knew the G.T.I. was good..BUT THIS!!!


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Water under the bridge old chap. Not as if I've never driven like one... and it was kind of impressive at v max on that, er, airfield en route to Inverness! :grin:

One of those trips of a lifetime, so to speak - I doubt I'll ever have the oportunity and/or the inclination to enjoy an "airfield" run like that again !! I suppose it's fair to say that the RS4 (and similar vehicles of 400 bhp+) are more capable than the majority of owners ! I've gone through the 40th B'day barrier now - the Prius brochure will surely be arriving shortly !!:grin:

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Most acomplished car I have ever owned BUT V8 RS models drink fuel like it's going out of fashion!! I owned the Mugello Blue Avant from new for 18 months, covered 14k miles, used a set of Continental tyres and got used to 14 mpg !! Two issues during ownership - engine warning lamp kept on coming on, one resulting in 50 miles of "limp mode" down the A9 from Inverness, which was a real concen and then the age old DRC issue, which was the greatest turn off to ownership! If you want to learn what it's like to smile every day, driving with the windows down for the pure thrill of the engine note and you own a Refinery, buy one !! If you also have a heavy right foot, aim at £400 extra expenditure every month 'cos V-Power is the only tonic the RS4 enjoys !! Been seen and done as they say and no regrets at all - the RS5 still appeals but for the price !! That said, the Golf R may prove to be bonkers on the pocket too !! +++

Thanks TP, short, concise and to the point, and means I can get that particular off the "menu" now...........

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....Hmm.. In a 'shoot-out' there is also the expertise of the driver to factor in and my style of driving tends to be me versus the road rather than versus another car. But if I'm obliged to try and make comparisons I'd say that the RS4 is a faster car than my K03 turbo'd GTI. However, I expect that my car with Quaife diff and KW coilovers feels better planted in corners in spite of quattro but I'm not saying I'd beat one cross country on B-roads. I think my car just feels more tactile to drive.

Good to see you back and 100% on form Robin :roflmao:

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