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*Expletive* motorways


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Friday, i drove from southampton, to oldham, during the day (deliberately tried to avoid the rush hour), and worked out i managed an average speed of 45mph.

I wouldn't be soooo annoyed about this, but it was all motorway. The government REALLY need to get off their a##e and sort things out, cos motorways are supposed to be fast ways of getting from "A to B", i might as well have followed a tractor along a B road for the whole of my trip.


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THe problem is in many cases that Freight is priced off of the rail and onto roads - how many times do you meet lorry 1 travelling at 56.1mph trying to overtake lorry 2 travelling at 55.9 mph.

The cost of freight by road is biased because you dont pay the full cost of using the road, where as with rail you pay the total cost of usage - until the government changes this to make rail competative then the roads are not going to ease up.

Also for me, I'd rather use the train then I can drink laugh.gif, but if I go out with a few mates, it is cheaper to take a car, so again rail fares need to be reduced to make the cost cheaper than road travel.

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