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Lane discipline


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yep its very bad up here for lane hoggers. i seem to spend my all my time undertaking coz i cant be arsed to go round them i undertake so often now that i just consider it as normal driving practise and sometimes dont even realise i am doing it. even the coppers know how bad it is and they dont do anything when they see you do it. i think they should put signs up just to remind people what lane they should be in. znaika.gif

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I find that asside from the odd truck you can make pretty good progress on the inside lane on the m1 - i mean there are certain groups of people that come onto the motorway, as they come down the slip road they turn the 'armco magnet' on whcih drags them across all 3 lanes straight into the outside lane and refuses to let them leave until 300yards from their junction when they turn it off and it catapults them back across all three lanes and onto the slip road.

The police should stop investing in surveliance helicopters and get one like in Bond, where it has a magnet, picks the car up and dumps it in the sea...... rocketwhore.gif

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Sorry boys, I'm from East Anglia, ....... what's a 'motorway' ? confused.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Aye, same here, I'm originally a North Yorshire good ol' Boy, we didn't come accross Motorways that often, so only makes sense to keep away from the soft verges by driving on the right...

Could also be that we drive so fast all the time we're on the right hand side of the road most of the time over taking slower, shandy drinking, Silk Cut smerking soft Southern shites!!!

PS - I've lived outside of Yourkshire in the south longer than I lived in it, and am now really a Sothern convert, feck the Northern monkeys, it's because there slow and yokle... It's Grim up there and they don't quiet get modern systems, whippets and all that!!!


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