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Strange shaking/rocking after 1000 miles


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Hi, All. Some advice appreciated from the techno-savvy.

I have a new A4 cabriolet, 2.5 TDI. It's been working fine since delivery - gruff engine when slow/stationary, but smooth as butter from inside. Suspension is Sports, hard on UK roads but smooth in motion. At least, it was.

Something's happened - gradual onset over the last week or so, and (before you start speculating about scuttle shake in a cabriolet, etc., it's new and wasn't there at purchase)

I first noticed going round tight corners (grid-like residential streets near home) - an unusual amount of rocking - first toward the outside front wheel, then diagonally backward as you straighten up, and then a side-to-side rocking after completing the turn, which lasts a few seconds into the straight. Seemed odd but it's stil new enough that I thought it was just a quirk I hadn't noticed before.

But it's been getting worse and I'm now pretty sure the suspension is slowly becoming 'floatier' - there's more rocking, and road imperfections seem more noticeable. The latter may seem an odd thing to say, but it's not that the suspension has got *harder* - I'm using to feeling a slight thud from firm suspension, but it's always been a smooth-but-hard ride: whereas now, it's almost as if every bump sets off a tiny but perceptible vibration, so that (although the steering and cornering feels 'lighter') the ride actually seems much rougher.

At night, the headlights seem (or is it my imagination) to be swaying up and down more.

What could cause this ? It's a sport suspension, only a few weeks old but done 1200 miles, mainly short trips but with some long outings (been to Briston and back, plus I've been enjoying some long drives around West London, onto the motorways and round, etc.). I've had one or two squealing wheels when over-enthusiastic but I haven't been thrashing the thing overly: and I may have taken one speed bump a little too fast but that was a week ago and nothing seemed wrong afterward.

Any ideas ? Worried now... is it just a matter of checking the tyre pressures or is this something you see with a more fundamental problem ?

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