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Got my baby last week...how to keep her clean?


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Dee-lighted with my gorgeous new Cab!

Picked her up Monday last week in time to whisk my missus up to Gleneagles for our anniversary...major brownie points! 9 week delivery - most impressed.

Up until now I've always had company cars, but have now opted out (tax etc). Problem is, I'm well used to abusing somewhat/not cleaning my motors, and I naturally want to take real care of this one as it's mine (!), and want it to retain value come resale in a few years' time.

It's presently crusted in dead flies, alloys are covered in dust, paintwork, chromework, exhausts dirty etc frown.gif....a far cry from when I picked it up gleaming a week and 1,200 miles ago! (and what about cleaning the hood & rubber seals??). I'd like to maintain it in 'as collected' state as far as poss.

I really want to start as I mean to go on and get the best products for the full job washing/polishing & would appreciate any advice/recommendations as to what other owners use/think best. Car is amulet red if that makes any difference.

Sorry if this has been covered in previous posts, but much appreciated!!!

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Yeah, as Steve says, take a look in the cleaning forum, more cleaning help and info there than you can shake a sponge at!

Personally I keep mine waxed with Autoglym products and it seems to do the trick. You're not supposed to use anything on the hood except for proper hood cleaner occasionally. Keep the wheels clean with some wheel cleaner (although make sure it's nothing too strong as it can take the finish off. Ended up with some matt BBS alloys on a Golf GTI years ago courtesy of some over strong wheel cleaner. Use Halford own brand now, seems ok).

But as suggested, pop over to the cleaning forum and ask away, there are experts in all matters cleaning there! cool.gif


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1.8T Sport

Amulet Red

Heated Seats

Black Nappa

Parking Sensors

CD changer in dash

Test drove both the 1.8 & 2.4 as they were similar cash. 1.8 felt a bit faster/sportier, 2.4 felt burblier/cruisier with a lovely engine note(are those real words???)

Went for 1.8 as similar oomph to 2.4 but cheaper to insure & better mpg (I got over 38mpg on my first run to Jockland & back if the DIS is to be believed).

I haven't 'overloaded' it as I fear not getting it all back on resale. Didn't order the windstop...which I'm not regretting yet, but wonder if I will when I fancy hood down thrills on crisp December mornings...will probably consider buying an aftermarket one from classic additions..(anyone know if they're any good and if they fit???)

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The 1.8 is the only variation I haven't yet tried.

I started with a 3.0 Multitronic at Poole Audi - v.nice. Then test drove a 2.5Tdi at Salisbury. Very impressed with that. I just had a reservation about the clattery idling, but when driving it was very, very impressive. The missus got out, stood in front of it and said,

"Oh, is it a diesel?"

Bet the salesman thought he was onto a winner there! Especially as my little boy had fallen asleep in the back on the test drive!!

Anyway, someone beat me to that, so next up was the one I bought - a 2.4 Manual. Lovely jubbly. grin.gif

I'm currently riding around without my windstop as it generates a nice cooling breeze, but it will get put on again as and when the inevitable cold snap arrives!!

Regrets? The only regret is that my Cab hasn't got the rear parking sensors. Can these be retro-fitted does anyone know?

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Hi Guys.

Up to now I have just used Turtle Wax Gloss Guard which is contains no abrasives or Silicones is easy to apply and buff.

It isn't a Wax Polish but it does protect and maintain beading for weeks and weeks.It is also great for keeping Alloys water resistant and easier to keep clean and it does not affect the plastic parts in fact it's great for the arches and other plastic parts. I really like it.

I purchased a new product today Turtle Wax Metalllic polish which is specially formulated for Pearl and laquered metallic finishes.

The only problem is that on reading the instructions thoroughly I noticed it contained some silicone along with waxes and polymers. I remember someone advising to avoid silcone based or containing silicone waxes as they dull shine over time.

Anyone have any views. Do we need to wax or are gloss guard and similar products sufficient since the surface is a laqueur.



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I use Autoglym Super Resin Polish to give it a fantastic deep shine, then like you I use the Turtle Wax Gloss Guard to give extra protection smile.gif

I find that to be nice and simple and gives a great finish without much effort.

Mine is Amulet Red, therefore not a metallic, but the Audi bodyshop said that it's a "base coat" colour with a clear lacquer over the top, just like a metallic.

I find that any little scratches I get are easily taken care of using the Autoglym - good job as it seems to mark very easily.

Hope this helps.

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