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Scotchguard (or alternative) on seats


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No but it depends I guess, some things that are Scotchguarded still can stain, so I guess it is then down to which quality interior cleaner you use

Things like kids chewing gum still wont come out, so it depends how much money you want to spend!

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Guys, you need to speak to a licensed 3M Scotchgard (theres no u, their trademark smirk.gif) Applicator. And guess what I have ha.gif Basically there is no Scotchgard protector left in the UK, 3M pulled out of the market about a year and a half ago. There are some stores that sell spray cans of it (imported from US) but its pretty crap and will make your car stink for days, not good. You might find a guy in your area who still has some of his stock left that he could spray on for you but its a long shot. Depending on what fabric you have, proper Scotchgard is very good at repelling liquid spills and food. The drinks can normally be absorbed there and then or if its slightly more trouble then a quick spray with a 3M spot cleaner will take the mark out. You have to remember that S/g will not make it stain or waterproof, but will make life a whole lot easier when accidents happen. A small note on what to ban from your car, Tizer Cherryade Lucozade Limeade Tomato Sauce. All of these are a real pain and in the case of the drinks you've had it, even if its got a treatment on it it will stain it for good, lesson over znaika.gifices_blah.gif


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