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New Speed Camera Locations


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Just read about some new speed camera locations im my local rag, one of which is very near to me. I'm sorry but this is a complete load of crap the road in question is a very safe open road, it is a 30mph limit as there is a Secondary school at one end. The number of accidents along there is tiny, there have been a couple of incidents where kids have been runover because they have ran out directly infront of the car, speed was not an issue at all. They have also just installed a new pelican crossing only 30-40 metres from another one because the kids cant be bothered to use it.

I cant help thinking its dumbing things down. These are secondary school kids that are old enough to know better, and I would bet my car that the vans will be placed well away from the school catching people as they leave the area. More revenue generation for Northamptonshire Safety Camera Partnership who are so successful with their campaign that the killed or seriously injured figures went up from 498 to 517 last year!

Of course I dont condone people speeding past schools, but when will they learn that speed isnt the problem factor, especially not in this case.

Newspaper Article

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