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HP 7350 photosmart printer problem.


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Printer has suddenly stopped printing.

It goes through the motions, head moves like its started to print, and then it spits out a perfectly blank peice of paper! with no errors what so ever.

It WILL print its own test sheets, calibration and head clean sheets etc no problems.

It wont print from any other application!

ie word, Adobe Acrobat, outlook, paint, notepad etc etc

Tried driver reinstalls/ latest drivers and get the same.

Printer has ink, as test sheets work, and ive tried the various photo/black cartdidges i have here.

Any ideas?

I dont really want to re-install XP if i can help it.

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Already Rebooted..

Already powered down...

Notpad test complete. Wont even print two words. "Print Test" ROLLEY~14.GIF

Havent bothered changing USB ports yet, as its been working on this one, and is taking commands to start printing, and do test prints all ok. via USB, As well as waking and powering up, when you select print..

it might be dead.

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not yet tried another PC. ive got another one or lappy i could try it on.

Im going to check the usb is seated in the back of pc, maybe try another port if all else fails and i may also try going back to original disc supplied with printer, despite trying drivers from UK and USA, both manual install and Forced via the web auto installs.

seems really weird.

I only use the printer once in a blue moon, and it seems to have kicked its heels.

tried the full power down. Im a maintenance technician so quite used to the switch it off, switch it on, Sorted! phenomenon. grin.gif

just not working in this case! smashfreakB.gif

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Test it on another PC or Laptop first.

It could be the Pc and not the printer, if it's printing its own test sheets etc it's because the data is already stored within the machine. Sounds like a data transfer issue from your machine to the Printer.

Is your Hard Drive near to full capacity??

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I got bored , and gave up for today.

Ill continue tomrrow.

operating system partition has got 2.4 gig free. I can probly have a clean up and free it up.

ill try it on another pc, and with another cable as well.

seems stange it will wake up and take commands from usb, start to operate like its printing the first few lines of a page, then stop and spit out a plain sheet, with no error.

no failed to print error, nothing.

ill try the above over the weekend and post back findings. 169144-ok.gif

cheers all.

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CD drivers didnt work. (didnt even try to print)

Changing USB ports made no difference

turning off auto paper detection and manually selecting paper type didnt make any difference at all.

Next stage, Install on another PC.

not sure ive got another USB lead to try without going out and getting one.

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printer works on laptop with XP home (desktop is XP Pro)

so that proves:

The printer

The driver im using

The USB lead

Looks like something is borked on XP Pro or it hasnt likes some software or update.

So looks like ill have to have a backing up session, cleaning out session and re-install xp pro on the desktop.

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on Laptop it works fine.

all combinations of the cartridges work when attached to laptop

on desktop, it doesnt print at all. Just spits out plain paper, regardless of application.

Ive resigned myself to a reinstall. Ive been backing up the files etc to make it smooth as possible.

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