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Camera Alerts ?

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I want to know what the best item that is on the market for camera alerts. I had a Road Angel 2 which was stolen from my car, but I wasn't exactly happy with the product as the device would only pick up laser if it was targeted on the windscreen. Whereas if the Babylon had fixed a target on your number plate, which is more likely, the road angel would not detect the rays. I would then have to fit an add on detector behind my front grill and hard wire the cable through the bulk head , behind the dash in order to plug into the road angel. Not to mention it would be another 50 squid. I have a sat nav device which I have loaded fixed cameras on as points of interest and am alerted to there position. I also have an old laser alert which has notified me before of a mobile camera and went bananas(something the road angel never did) but what is the legal situation with them, are they now illegal to use or where they not able to pass the bill to make this so.

So now I am at a crossroads. What do I buy? confused.gif

Any comments would be very appreciated.

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what is the legal situation with them, are they now illegal to use or where they not able to pass the bill to make this so.

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As I understand it at the moment the bill has not been passed, it was sent back to the commons by the house of lords for ammendments. It is highly likely that the bill will be passed in due course though, so any speed detection device (not gps only systems) would become illegal. Theres lots of other stuff in the bill too, such as causing death by careless drving and the new graduated speeding penalty system (2 points and up).

There is a section in the new bill that talks about any device designed to interfere with lasers, kind of suggesting the garage door opener type of system. With the parking sensors I think they will be ok because of how front sensors work they will have to be permanently live and it is only right that if a system like parking sensors is going to shut down because of interference the system should at least give enough warning to the driver before doing so smirk.gif

Of course none of these can be tested in court until the new bill is in place.

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