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The perfect spec A4 for £25K?


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Friend of mine has a £25K budget for a company car (working on list, forget discounts for this exercise). It's between a 3 Series and an A4. I reckon A4 is the way to go (well I would, wouldn't I?)

So, needs to be comfortable for long journeys and businesslike, but a bit sporty would be good.

Will be saloon I guess (Avant is dearer isn't it?)

Engine must be 2.0Tdi or 2.0 Tfsi petrol. (Both are tax efficient for co car tax although diesel option more so but petrol better drive/faster?). Fuel is paid for so economy not an issue.

I reckon "musts" are cruise, sports seats and suspension, parking sensors, CD player, centre armrest and if poss, xenons and CD changer. Bose would be nice as would leather. Is CD still option with radio/cassette standard? (Pretty poor if so).

Do they still do "sport" spec of bigger wheels/sports seats/steering wheel/suspension, or is it just S-line? Only prob with S-line is 18 inch wheels as increases road noise (not ideal with lots of long motorway journeys) plus fairly expensive option when budget is so fixed (ie might be better with sport spec and more toys if sport spec possible and cheaper than S-line).

So gentlemen, whats the spec to be?

Over to you experts. 169144-ok.gif

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A BMW 325i SE is £25,840 and comes with cruise, parking sensors, CD player and a centre armrest. It gets to 60 mph in 7 seconds grin.gif. The sports suspension/seats are probably not an essential, though nice to have.

On the A4 front I'd agree with you, and go for the 2.0T. It looks like the sport option no longer exists, and the 2.0T FSI S Line SE is £23,995. The standard car is £22,610 with a free SE upgrade at the moment.

I'd probably take the standard car with free SE pack. Sports seats and suspension would add £700. Xenons and parking sensors (f/r) come to another £1,200 or so, and metallic paint is an extra £550. Total £25,060 I think... ECLIPSe.gif


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I think Sline is the way to go but at a minimum I would also spec metallic paint, the armrest, Symphony, Bose and Xenons. Do you really need the parking sensors / cruise control ? Parking sensors is a £500 option itself which is relatively expensive.

Of course Leather seats would improve future resale value (I think these come with the SLine sports seats anyway.)

Have you had any thoughts about your cab Ari ?, anything new in the pipeline ?

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Mine came in at less than £25k after some serious haggling:

2.0T Special Edition s-line (saloon)



Black Valcona Leather

Heated front seats

Metallic Paint

Symphony II

Colour DIS

Front centre armrest

Split folding rear seat

In addition to normal spec of:

'Usual' s-line kit

220PS engine

Multi-function steering wheel

Black headliner

Vented cross-drilled discs

A lot of car for the money in my opinion 169144-ok.gif

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