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[Audi A3/S3] What haldex AWD system can use 2 wheel dyna


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Haldex do not recommend it without disconnecting the prop shaft, Especially if the rear wheels are not able to rotate, ie on hard ground.

Some people have had it done with no issues, a couple have had it done and needed new haldex's.

I personally would not risk it, and have refused 2wd dynos in the past.

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there are other ways, but its still not recommended.

if the rear wheels are not free to rotate, then the prop is still turning in the haldex unit and is creating drag in the oil.

drag = heat.

Its better if the wheels are free to rotate if they need to, but still not recommended because the great difference in speeds between front and rear.

it really is at you own risk. Its not intended to run 2wd on dynos, and why would you want to anyway as the data will be wrong as you have disconnected half the drive train and losses.

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