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clutch travel


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If you mean the most recent model A4, then I can confirm that I suffer from the same clutch "problem" and have done since I got the car. 12000 miles later and it's still the same as it was, so it's not the clutch wearing out.

The workshop manager at my dealer had a go in it a year or so ago, said it was normal and added that its not adjustable, so yer fecked (so to speak)! Personally, I think it's the one big thing which spoils the drivability of the A4 (although my wife didn't seem to think it a problem).

Try the new S4 - that's got a much better feel to it wink.gif

Or, if it's the 1.8T you're after, go for the Multitronic auto (note: NOT tiptronic) - it's a faster box than the manual for some reason.

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I think its due to the clutches being hydraulically operated instead of cable operated. With the cables we would get an idea of the clutches condition through the pedal but with hydraulics its takes it all away until the last moment when u can get up a slope.

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