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My mate was given the filthiest free car ever!


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Renault Megane, 1.4, red, on a P-plate. "Before" pic attached

It had to be the filthiest pile of junk ever. The paint was seriously faded on the body and the front end has had a bad respray. The bumpers were pale grey rather than black.

Inside it has been used by a slob as a fast food restaurant. The Dyson was almost beaten by grease in the carpets, the rear seat had also seen some serious toddler action and accidents judging by the smell. I took it out and power washed it. You should have seen the gravy running out of it. The car was seriously humming so has had a major interior going over and drowned in fabric refresher spray. Came up rather well all things considered.

Outside we rinsed it off (he'd already washed it before coming round today), then attacked it with Meguiars No.83, followed by red colour magic and then a spot of Megs NXT Gen TechWax (buffed with a cheap Halfords polisher). Bumpers done with Armorall.

Now the FREE car looks like something usable! It's not perfect but at least I can now get inside without the need to glove up! Personally I'd flog it but my mate needs the car and as said before, it's cost him nothing but a day here. grin.gif


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