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PGR3 for Audi Fans


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Fantastic, what is it a live download?

[/ QUOTE ]

Yep, 400 microsoft points, gets 12 (i think) new cars including a RS4 in class E, also an Evo, Aston Vantage along with a few others.

Added some new life to the game, they are also changing the class of car for the live races every night at midnight smile.gif

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The compulsory update also enhanced the game a bit too on the "live" side of the game.

You can now see who's talking when racing as thier gamertag appears on the left hand side of the screen.

The handling has changed quite a bit too.

It is harder to spin someone out when following them.

Your name in the lobby is highlighted orange.

This update has made it a bit more like the old PGR2 for the live game. All we need now is the timing of the race and lap times. And we also need the kudos ranking brought back into the live game too.

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