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I have just purchased an 18 month old X5 and would like to know if anyone can help with the following:

Firstly, does anyone know if you can get any kind of 'chip or upgrade' for the TV so that you can watch it whilst driving?, and

secondaly, does anyone know if there is a modification that can be made to the gearbox software that will stop it from downchanging whilst braking down hills. I have experienced this feature on my father's X5 and think it is horrible, if in fact not dangerous. I have found myself braking downhill in normal driving conditions with the gearbox changing down to 2nd gear and 3500 revs, making for a very jerky ride.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Birds sell the TV in Motion leads for £200-ish.

However, be VERY careful if you're going to do this. Firstly, you need to tell your insurance company - and secondly - if you don't, I'd heard that a lot of their inspectors were looking for specifically for TV over-rides.

Personally, I wouldn't bother. BMW TV's are utter garbage for signal quality when stood still, so god knows what'd be like on the move.

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There is a known fault (BMW call it a Characteristic - one they didn't tell me about when I purchased it new !) with the 6 Speed auto box/software as fitted to X5 3.0 D 6 speed Auto & also 530d 6 speed Auto - Plse contact me or reply for further details/help.

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