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[Audi A3/S3] Answers Please!!!


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Firstly, sorry if i`m stating the obvious but i`ve never had a straight answer;

I had 18" rims from new. This makes the ride height higher yeah??? than the std 17" avus??

My dealer doesnt seem to agree but I spoke to another dealer today (who will honour warranty on revo chip! grin.gif)and he says this is normally compensated for and lowered when they do the suspension at the factory?! My old s3 (was on 17`s) was definately lower, help plz and a straight answer? Thanks all ROLLEY~14.GIF

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Dave, what happens is the width of the tire's sidewall is decreased when the rim size is increased. Therefore the overall rolling radius of the complete wheel remains the same, or very close. I myself went from std 15's to 17's on my A3, and the wheel is almost exactly the same size grin.gif


Oh yeah, and the center point of the wheel will also remain close to constant, therefore NOT requiring any suspension alterations.

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Not always, if your tyrs are he same profile(bar the 17/18" cmpensation) then there will be a difference, Can't believe I overlooked that!

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, but just about ANYONE you go to for tires will know about dropping the sidewall size. And Dave also mentioned that he GOT his S3 with the 18's fitted, so I was going off of the assumption that the folks at Audi DIDN'T have their heads up their asses that day smashfreakB.gif


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Dave, I take it you didn't have Quattro Gmbh suspension on your old S3? If you did that take it down by a further 25mm over standard IIRC.

The normal S3 sits 10mm lower than the sports A3 model, and when I lowered my A3T by 35mm I was suprissed that when sat next to an S3 how low my car was, about 20mm lower in fact.

My point is the standard S3 is not all that low anyway, see my little .gif below to see how a 35mm drop made a difference and if your old S3 was as low as mine is now then I think it's safe to say it had been lowered.

As Drill pointed out that the rolling radius of the wheels should be as close as possible whe moving up a size, so if your 18's are from factory then I'm pretty certain they are correct, and are not noticibly different to the 17's.


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