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A6 Battery ...help !


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Can anyone help me locate a battery that will fit my A6 (other than the stealers) ?

The battery in my A6 (1998 C5 2.5Tdi Quattro Avant) has died. Dealer will sell me one for £125, but having read on here that Eurocarparts have the right size I went there today and bought one. The current battery is an 82Ah battery ...the one I got was 88Ah (for £47).

Got home tonight - managed to remove the old one (it's tight but it eventually came out) and realise that the new one is too long by about 4 cms. There is no adjustment in the cage ..so it has to be an exact match.

The battery I bought is marked up on Eurocarparts as a Type 017. Length is 353mm and the site lists that as the same size for a Bosch so I don't think it's that the battery I bought is the odd one...looks like Audi have a custom size for my car !!

So - I'll be pinching the wifes car again tomorrow and after taking the new battery back (what a fecking pain ) will more than likely go straight to Audi to get the right one...unless anyone can offer an alternate supplier ?

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I had the same problem on an S6 (I guess the battery is in the same location at the back of the engine bay in a compartment sectioned off from the engine?).

I tried a few types of battery and none fitted properly. I wanted a decent capacity because of the size of engine. In the end the 88Ah Bosch was a tight fit (and dirt cheap because a friend works for GNS).

I could not use the proper tie-downs from the original battery. But it was so heavy and tightly wedged it wasn't going anywhere unless I had a smash and then the least of my problems would be the battery moving a bit.... Tears staining the paintwork would be more of a worry...

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