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Best European F1 GP to attend?


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Italy (Just to be around the mad Tifosi)

Hockenheim normally has a lot of tickets going since it's emasculation.

Nurburgring for the ring taxi and the GP weekend in one.

Belgium is a must to see for any race fan, even though you will probably end each day soaked to the skin. But it's been cancelled for 2006. frown.gif

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Belgium for sure, but as per Neil's post, it's not on this year. If it's on next year, get Gold Grandstand seats on Eau Rouge.

Spain and France are not worth going to. One of the Italian ones for sure for the atmosphere, or, if you've got the money, then Monaco...

I've found the German races to be too dull, since they changed the tracks - no fantastic viewing points and you're surrounded by Germans and Finns, who are all pissed up...

Whichever one you go to, take a strong container, so you can bottle the atmosphere - totally awesome...

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If Spa returns to the calendar for 2007 then make that a must - it is fantastic!

If you've never done Silverstone, then do it. If only the once (as I did).

The only other one I've done so far is Nurburgring. Pretty easy for a first GP visit, viewing is pretty good from the general admission area on the inside of the back straight. Best advice on pissed up Germans and Dutch is join in! 169144-ok.gif

I've used MRI in the past and been fairly impressed. Takes all the hassle out of the trip. Page & Moy and Crystal do similar trips.




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Basically the trip is to be a treat [for me] for the passing of Fellowship exams which is why I wanted it combine it with a weekend jaunt in a European city.

As you say, can't really afford Monaco although atmosphere-wise it would have been great....

Barcelona or Monaco were the 2 most conveneient ones date-wise although Silverstone does fit the bill too...

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I agree Barcelona is a great one to visit (My vid from 2001 HERE ) Picture gallery HERE

I've done Monza twice and found if pretty rough infield with all the Tifosi who had been camping there for days. crazy.gif

San Remo was a great one with easy access all around.


HERE's a video of Silverstone as well which was good but very expensive.

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