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New Dell monitor of not quite so much joy


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Quoted from Dell:

In almost every case, these fixed pixels are hard to notice and do not detract from the display quality or usability. A display with 1 to 5 fixed pixels is within the industry standards, and is therefore considered an acceptable display. LCD screens that do not meet this industry standard are rarely passed on from the point of manufacturing.

If you notice more than six (6) fixed pixels on your display, or if there are several fixed pixels in a small area of the screen, refer to the E-mail Dell section under Additional Information to contact Dell Technical Support.

For help with specifics on your Dell system, or additional troubleshooting support, refer to http://www.support.dell.com.

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Scooby, surely if you bought it off the web, then distance selling rules come into force.

Ie _ i think_ you have time to return it for no reason at all.


Under the regulations businesses must give consumers:

clear information about the goods or services offered before they buy

written confirmation of the purchase and delivery details

<font color="red"> a seven working day cooling-off period in which the order can be cancelled and a refund claimed.</font>

[/ QUOTE ]

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About a discussion about a quality of service, the probability of me buying any more kit from them, they have decided to replace it. Did not need to even send pictures.

Basicall came down to the fact I said, if you do not replace it I will reject it as not fit for purpose and never buy any more Dell kit from you.

Job done.

Should have a replacement within a week.


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