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CSL Test drive....today!


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Here we go....sorry for the cross-post but cant be arsed to type everything out again...

Just came back from a presentation + test-drive of the gorgeous CSL. Anyone waiting to take delivery, its an incredible car and you will enjoy it immensly.

I was taken for a spin first (by a michelin representative who was there) to show the capabilities of the car around some mountain back-roads above Lausanne. The guy obviously knew what he was doing but if I hadnt known how good Cup tires are I would have got seriously worried about approaching a long-left hand corner at an indicated 170km/h (the car had been fully run-in). Once in the corner the car felt very well planted. No twitching, no sudden movements....safe.

Then it was my turn to play. I think what blew me away the most was the awesome induction-roar. Forget standard M3's. It can only be described as as mixture of a high-pitched rasp and a roar at the same time. In the stripped out cabin its very loud. Press the pedal to the floor at 5,000 revs and its shocks you the first time...then you cant get enough of it

Handling is very tight, it can only be described as a racer for the road...sorry for the cliché. It really is that good. Light, taut and extremely responsive.

I was told the SMG is quicker than on standard M3's but the only difference I felt was that it was alot smoother. Automatic blipping on every(!) down-shift is very nice in the CSL.

Im not going to ramble on any more....I took some pics after my drive...a bit fuzzy but the adrenaline was still rushing

Finally, to all the lucky owners...you wont be disappointed. Oh, and I prefered the one they had in black.


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Yeah its got a carbon fibre roof but its more of a gimmick than being really useful.

They wouldnt sell the demo-cars, maybe just as well cause people were ragging them.

Aaaaargh! I can get a brand new CSL with a good discount but for November delivery only! Dont think I can wait that long without a car crazy.gif

Dont know what to do frown.gif

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sold my M3 about 2 weeks ago and am using the girlfriends car every now and then. My dealer has offered to rent me a car (normal price) until delivery of the CSL. Taking out the M3 I have on order and then trading it in for the CSL in November aint worth, I'll loose too much.

Only other choice is too look for a little run-about and see if that would work out cheaper than renting a car.

Also not too keen on taking delivery of such a 'raw' machine as the CSL just in time for rain, leaves, cold, ice, snow....

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Did you see the Autocar test involving the M3, CSL, and i think the snicher (name spelt totally wrong but you know what i mean). They said there was virtually no performance differance between the CSL and the tunned M3, nut it was 10k cheaper!!!, also you could have all the luxuraies on the inside and not have the uncomfortable CSL seats beerchug.gif

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Since when do dealers cancel their orders? confused.gif

Think you'll find that the real situation was that a "waiting list" of 1,500 almost disappeared once BMW GB released the list price and spec.

The 1,500 went down to about 220 orders, leaving around 200 cars looking for a home.

Deals abound right now though the_finger.gif

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