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San Marino GP Thread


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Practice 1 - Fri 10:00-11:00

Practice 2 - Fri 13:00-14:00

Practice 3 - Sat 10:00-11:00

Qualifying - Sat 13:00-14:00

The Race - Sun 13:00-15:00

ITV Times

Qualifying - Saturday 12:30pm - 2:25pm

Race - Sunday 12:00pm - 3:15pm

Highlights - Sunday 11:45pm - 12:50am

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Thanks again for publishing this Neil - you getting commission from ITV..? tongue.gif

Should be a good show of some new toys on the cars this weekend, given that they've all had 3 weeks since the last one and lots of teams have promised "a number of significant improvements to the car".

Hopefully Ferrari can raise their game this weekend 169144-ok.gif

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Hope this is as good as the races so far. Its been really hard to predict who might win, which is gret for the sport IMO.

I hope Jenson gets a decent engine under him for this race, and as for Ferrari, a few engine blow ups in front of the tifosi will certainly make me smile. grin.gifcoffee.gif

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Tomorrows Grid -

<font color="green">1.</font>M Schumacher

<font color="green">2.</font>Button

<font color="green">3.</font>Barrichello

<font color="green">4.</font>Massa

<font color="green">5.</font>Alonso

<font color="green">6.</font>R Schumacher

<font color="green">7.</font>Montoya

<font color="green">8.</font>Raikkonnen

<font color="green">9.</font>Trulli

<font color="green">10.</font>Webber

<font color="orange">11.</font>Fisichella

<font color="orange">12.</font>Villeneuve

<font color="orange">13.</font>Rosberg

<font color="orange">14.</font>Coulthard

<font color="orange">15.</font>Heidfeld

<font color="orange">16.</font>Liuzzi

<font color="red">17.</font>Klien

<font color="red">18.</font>Speed

<font color="red">19.</font>Monteiro

<font color="red">20.</font>Albers

<font color="red">21.</font>Sato

<font color="red">22.</font>Ide

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