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Ordered my new Box S, just need to decide on color


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Hi All

Having been away on holiday for a while I returned and ordered a Box S. Spec is...

Metallic paint



Bose + Wind deflector pack


18" Turbo II


Full Leather

Sports seats

24hr Tracker Monitor

Cost £46.5k

The only thing I've got to decide now is the colour, and I have to make my mind up by the weekend to ensure the Oct build?

Top of the list is Polar Silver with Metropole Blue hood/leather, but this is a specialist paint and £1000 more than std metallic.

2 Artic Silver/Blue hood

3 Meridean/Black

4 Lapis Blue/Blue

5 Midnight Blue/Blue

6 Basalt Black/Black

Gents (and ladies) may I have your thoughts on colours please, issues such as dirt showing up, commoness etc all have to be considered! Also any comments on spec (except for aerokit) that I've ordered/should definately add to the order.




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Personally mate I reckon the idea of a hood a different colour to the body is a bit naff, the only combo I have seen work is on porkers with Silver and Blue jump.gif.

To be honest I think silvers had its day now, theres so many other silver cars. Are there any other really sexy metallics available?

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if you want to avoid feeling comon avoid silver.

seen a few black cars at it does nothing for the Boxster shape IMHO and will be a pain to keep clean

you've also got to consider the looks of the Aerokit II - to say I'm not a fan is an understatement but if you are I think it looks better in darker colours

so maybe midnight blue (with matching blue hood)?

obviously Seal grey is the best colour but keep it under your hat as I like its relative exclusiveness at the mo

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Thanks for your input. In the end I did go for the Artic Silver (couldn't justify the £ for Polar Silver). The reason being that black made the car look too small, the blues are a bugger to keep clean and salesman said that stone chips really show up with these colours. So in the end went for the silver - easy to keep clean and also shows the lines off really well. WRT aerokit you either love it or hate it, I wish I hated it cos I could save myself £3k!



ps added heated seats and cruise control (trying to save my licence) total cost now £47k+!!!!

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Scheduled for build in October, delivery end of November - just in time for the depth of winter. Still it means that I've got all winter and spring to break her in and come summer she'll be ridden like the pro she is! Piccies will be full on and gratuitous.

Another 17k - don't tempt me, my mate has his C4S ordered and is saying exactly the same thing. Seeing as I'm going from a 307 Diesel with 110 bhp I think I'd best stick with the 260 horsies first before I consider 300 plus!


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enjoy BB - and you'll be very glad you went for the heated seats, they work very well and make top driving a pleasure in winter or in late evenings / night.

and the secret that is seal grey is maintained sekret.gif

996 4S is a lovely car but not a convertible and that makes such a difference to (my) driving pleasure - the 996 cab just doesn't look as nice (that new Turbo cab looks decidedly odd to me and not a patch on the hard top)

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BB, my S is arctic with metropole hood and blue interior. Silver is common but historically Porsche imho, and infinitely easier to keep clean than my Ebony black S3.

My dad has a lapis blue S and we both agree the lines and proportions are better on the silver car. 18" sport classic II wheels help with overall proportions, though, compared to his standard ones.

Nice choice - shame about the wait. It's great to have during the heat wave...

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