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....are great for making things with wood...

...not so good for driving over though mad.gif

Who leaves nails in the middle of the road??? Ended up with a slow puncture today..funniest part of it was i drove to a petrol station and tried to pump it up. But the machine was fecked and ended up completely flattening the tyre yelrotflmao.gif

Can't believe how ignorant the staff were either rocketwhore.gif But what made up for it was the fact that 2 other cars used the 'air' after me so there were 3 of us with flat tyres yelrotflmao.gif

Driving around on the biscuit tin at the moment, why oh why do we get such a silly spare?? Almost forgot it was on today and went round a corner a bit too fast. ESP was off and boy did the car waggle!

I am seriously pissed off about this nail. Was supposed to be at Stansted at 9:30 tomorrow, now i'm gonna be at kwik fit at 10 instead smashfreakB.gif

At least there's a bright side (tony) - if they can't fix my puncture, I'm gonna use the 'spare' REO40 yelrotflmao.gif til i can get an F1!

rant over. I HATE nails. And i HATE space savers!! 2nd puncture on right rear in under a year as well :|

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Apologies for the rant...

On a more productive note, what do people think of repairing a punctured tyre?

Had my 6 month old Eagle F1 repaired this morning - it was a clear puncture (largeish nail) and they fixed it with a patch with a rubber point that they pull through the hole, seal and then cut.

Is this tyre going to perform like a new tyre at speed and in cornering??

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