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Oil/grease removal help !!


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I need some help/tips on how to remove a shed load of an oil type goo (sp?) from the side of my mates car. It could even be bitumen but its not gone hard yet.

We've tried using very hot water but its taking an age to come off. I've had a go with the back of the lambs mitten but thats now in a pretty bad shape crazy.gif Tried with the bug/tar remover buts its too thickly laid on to work and dont want to leave it on there too long.


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the simple option for removing oil and tar is a cloth dipped in a little petrol. Petrol dissolves both oil and tar which the cloth then absorbs. The primary ingrediant of commercial tar spot removers is a mixture of petroleum distillates and polish. So long as you wash it using plenty of detergent afterwards the petrol shouldn't do any long term harm to the paint. It evaporates off pretty quickly anyway. Just take care if you are a smoker !!!



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