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MkII ordered - one foot in both camps


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Back in mid-April, I took the plunge and ordered a TTC to replace my 2003 S4 Avant and sit alongside my 2005 TTR3.2. Both will be DSGs.

Exact spec will cost about £38k (3.2Q with lots of stuff), but I've specified March 2007 delivery because I "need" magnetic dampers and DVD navigation - so build won't be before Jan 2007.

It will definitely have an Ice Blue interior (because there is still no sunroof option to lift the gloom) but I will wait to see exterior reds, silvers and blues before deciding on exterior colour.

Just 10 months to wait...

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Saloon is just too impractical for me, although I admit the TTC may also be on the small side too.

My existing S4 is a 46k+ spec, so I doubt replacing it with another would be any less when my *essential* options are added. My main concern about having another S4 is that the interior hasn't changed much and the car will look old by the time I less it on in 2009 after the B8 model comes out. However, I'm going to keep the S4 more than 3 years which is a personal record for me - I really will miss the V8 I'm sure.

Interestingly, my existing 3.2TTR doesn't seem much slower than the S4 up to 40mph, although the S4 sounds so much better. I think the DSG really helps here.

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Manual S4 saloon is about 13s dead to 100mph. I would have thought that a 3.2 TTR would be about 16s. So it must be the tip which is killing your S4.

I'm not sure how well the DSG box does in reality vs published times. Audi autos are prone to being slower against the clock than Audi say they are (and manuals often faster). As for DSG I'm not sure.

I understand your point about the S4's life cycle but your £46k S4 would only cost £41k after haggling. I still think that for a £38k transaction price you would get a great spec S4 (I prefer manual) and it would pull a lot harder than a TT.

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