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Phone prep to MMI


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I am getting an A6 on Saturday with GSM prep I would like to have a cradle but the ones on Ebay UK are £140! WTF the Dealer price is £100 ish. In Germany the same is £100 cheaper. I wish I could speak and write German.

As for getting an up to date list with BT compatibility that is difficult and only list old phones long since retired. You will have the same problem if Craigyb fits your BT. But he will advise you. beerchug.gif

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I wouldnt even bother with a cradle unless you require the charging or have the special glass that limits the signal. DO everything over bluetooth and you will be fine.

I will be getting some of the new SIM Access profile modules in the new year that you can receive SMS messages on as well.

Check my website for details of phone conversions and installations.


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