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2.0TDI S-Line 55-->06


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Ive been given an A4 as a courtesy car. Its whilst my 2 month old A3 has a new gearbox fitted.

For 2 days whilst my local Audi dealer were investigating I was given a 55 plate 2.0TDI sline with cloth interior. It had 18" wheels. The ride was to be honest quite crap, and the clutch was very heavy and creaky. The brakes were also poor. When you blip the throttle the car physically turned from the mounting of the block I guess. Anyway, after my local audi Dealer told me my gearbox needed replacing Audi UK were to supply another A4 for a week. Now this was an 06 plate with leather interior and alcantara. Bar this the car was the same.

The 55 plate car had 4000 miles on the clock, the 06 had 1400. Now this 06 model was same wheels, tyres etc, but the ride was a lot more supple. The clutch was lighter and the brakes were the same.

Very strange. I know sometimes dealers make changes to new model years but the first A4 TDI we had gave me backache and put me quite off the A4. The second one of same model is quite quite different, feels more solid.

Now my question is, have they changed it or was the one I had a bad example?

Im tempted to put Dunlop Sport MAX 235/40 18s on my A3 as they have a lot less tyre noise and more comfort than the 225/40 Pirelli PZero Corsa's I have now.

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